Dental work is no fun!

Okay, last Wednesday night I am sitting on the couch with Renee and I bite into something. I then turn to Renee and tell her my tooth just broke. I show it too her and one of my molars has a piece that wiggles when I touch it with my tongue. The next morning I am off to the dentist and guess what I get to have done. I get a crown. Turns out that one of the fillings I had put in when I was but a child has now split the tooth. Fun for me. The novacaine works great and I don’t feel a thing until later when it wears off. My head was pounding. Glad I took the rest of the day off. So I now have a temporary crown awaiting a permanent one that is being made. The dentist was nice and the he did good work, but the pain in my jaw and head afterwards was something new to me. Isn’t it great getting older and experiencing new things. Not!!!