Rant warning!!!

OK. Just got back from court on a speeding ticket. I was ticketed for 75 in a 70. No mercy, no reduction, Guilty! Pay your fine! I passed a CHP officer that was doing 50 mph merging onto Interstate 15. It was at Barstow Road which comes immediately after the I-15/I-40 merge and is probably the most hazardous on ramp due to the speed of the merging vehicles. I accerelerated to 70 passing him and set my cruise control. Guess I just happened to get the wrong judge as he gave noone any breaks. Oh well. At least I made the officer come into court for it.

When Atari = Video Games!

I am a child of the 80s and grew up with Atari and Video Games being synonymous. We went to Sears in the mall and got the latest cartridge for the 2600. I remember many a hot afternoon spent with friends playing Pitfall, Gunlinger, or Tank Battle. If you are from that time and would like a blast from the past, check out http://www.simmphonic.com/programming/flash.htm and enjoy one of my all-time favs nicely converted to Flash.

Sad news from Virginia!

It was very disheartening to hear of yet another shooting of this type. It doesn’t seem that long ago that we were leaving Bible school along with one of our friends to return home after our pastor had been shot in the Killeen Luby’s shooting. Our prayers and support go out to all those touched by this tragedy. When things don’t make sense, you just trust and know that He is our comfort and strength in times of sorrow.

Huff and puff and blow your house…

It’s been a very blustery couple of days here in the High Desert. Winds have knocked out power and caused near white-out conditions due to sand on some roads. I saw someone’s bedliner on the side of the road this morning coming to work. I drive with my tailgate down when it’s this windy to prevent mine from getting sucked right out of the back of my truck. Then again, I could put something in their to weight it down if only I would do it instead of just talking about it. Today is what my dad would call a 5 inch wind (the size of rocks it blows).

Back from the rock quarry…

Spent the weekend raking gravel in the front yard/drive and am feeling my age. Jesse and Renee lent a hand and the yard is looking better. Still has some work to do, but it looks better than it did. Not as many weeds as the previous years since it has been so dry here (it is a desert). Had a huge Easter meal at one of the local restaurants(Mollie’s…salad, soup, cornbread, ham, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole and a piece of cake for $10 each). We ended up bringing a lot home. Not much else going on.