Huff and puff and blow your house…

It’s been a very blustery couple of days here in the High Desert. Winds have knocked out power and caused near white-out conditions due to sand on some roads. I saw someone’s bedliner on the side of the road this morning coming to work. I drive with my tailgate down when it’s this windy to prevent mine from getting sucked right out of the back of my truck. Then again, I could put something in their to weight it down if only I would do it instead of just talking about it. Today is what my dad would call a 5 inch wind (the size of rocks it blows).

One thought on “Huff and puff and blow your house…”

  1. Oh what fun! Nothing like those memorable March or Aprils where it’s windy all month – that is one thing I definately didn’t like about the desert.
    Been weird weather here too – lots of rain, then sun, then wind (only about 3 inch though). If a wind blew my bedliner out I’d have to be in a tornado as it’s bolted to the sides with tie-down hooks 🙂

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