Who kicked my bed?

I am dozing off to sleep and suddenly the bed shakes and I pop up alert. An earthquake shook me awake. I got up to check on my son and he asks, “what was that?” I fire up the computer to check the USGS site and here comes another. Two 3.9 quakes only 5 minutes apart. It has been a couple of years since we have had any that strong here.

USGS California Recent Earthquakes (Devore)

Pacific Euro Hotel (Formerly the Maas Hotel)

Almost 23 years ago, I loaded up a blue duffle bag just two weeks after graduating high school, hopped on a Greyhound bus and headed to the big city in San Jose. My best friend said he had an apartment and a job lined up for me. I arrived to find he was staying in the Maas Hotel. A one bed hotel room smaller than a walk-in with a TV and a mini-fridge awaited me. My job at Bentz Tool lasted only 2 weeks as Elroy sent me packing. I lasted another 5 months in San Jose before moving back to Barstow and eventually joining the Army. I found some reviews of the Maas Hotel(now the Pacific Euro) on trip advisor. Check them out and see that nothing much has changed in almost 25 years. It sounds the same as I remember it.

You want a what…ok, let me get the clippers

When your son tells you he wants a mohawk, what do you do? In our case, I got the clippers and gave hime one. My father always told me how to wear my hair so when Jesse wanted his long I said ok. Cueball, if that’s what you want. Well, now its a mohawk, let me get my clippers. Does that mean he is an all out punk rocker, nope. He just wanted to try it out. No harm there because unlike my hair, his will grow out. Does it matter to us, not really. It’s what’s on the inside that counts, not the outside. I would much rather have him be himself than feel pressured to be like everyone else. Mohawk or not, we love him and are more interested in the man he will be than the haircut he has.

Max Headroom Tribute

Each week the NAPP Forum posts a Battleground image and we all see what we can come up with. I was pleased with how this came out and wanted to share it on the blog. I used the Dodge and Burn tools to achieve the highlights and shadows. I then used the smudge tool to attain the air brushed appearance.

Back in the Saddle again…

I was asked to speak at Career Day today for Silver Valley High School in Yermo. It was great to be back up in front of students talking about the internet and being a webmaster. It’s been almost a year since I left teaching and I forgot how much I enjoyed it. Too bad it doesn’t pay more and schools aren’t interested in Computer teachers. NCLB has forced schools to focus on getting test scores up and teaching core subjects math, science, english and history over vocational subjects. It was great to be talking to students again if only for a day.