Pacific Euro Hotel (Formerly the Maas Hotel)

Almost 23 years ago, I loaded up a blue duffle bag just two weeks after graduating high school, hopped on a Greyhound bus and headed to the big city in San Jose. My best friend said he had an apartment and a job lined up for me. I arrived to find he was staying in the Maas Hotel. A one bed hotel room smaller than a walk-in with a TV and a mini-fridge awaited me. My job at Bentz Tool lasted only 2 weeks as Elroy sent me packing. I lasted another 5 months in San Jose before moving back to Barstow and eventually joining the Army. I found some reviews of the Maas Hotel(now the Pacific Euro) on trip advisor. Check them out and see that nothing much has changed in almost 25 years. It sounds the same as I remember it.