Back from San Diego!

We spent the last week in San Diego while I attended a conference for work. It was very pleasant and we enjoyed getting together with my best friend Jim a couple of nights. Jesse enjoyed the pool and attended a special session of the conference for high school students. It was pretty funny to see the people’s eyes open wide as a 6 foot kid with a blue mohawk strolled through thier door. He enjoyed the session and by the time I arrived to get him, the wide-eyed instructors were telling me what a smart young man he was. We visited the San Diego Wild Animal Park while there too. It was my first visit in over 20 years and I was a little dispappointed. The monorail around the park had been discontinued two months prior and you now have to pay for all the little tours they have on top of the cost of entry. We returned home to our lonely cat that proceeeded to scold us for the next few days about leaving her alone all week. It was a nice break from the norm and now its back to to work and the heat of the Mojave.