Rant about Classmates.com!

Okay I finally had enough and yanked my account from Classmates.com. It’s a scam I just don’t want my name associated with. For one, I am tired of the tons of pop-ups they generate on the web. For two, you can’t get anymore info on old classsmates for free than if I just walk to the shelf and open my yearbook. If you really want to find out about me, Google my name and find me that way. Classmates gets you to sign-up in a peer pressure way by listing the names of everyone else that is on it already. After you sign-up, you get a boatload of e-mails and cannot find a single thing out unless you agree to pay their “Gold Member” access fee. I for one am fed up with them. Just because they have my info doesn’t mean I am ok with using it to pry a buck out of someone else who wants to find out about me. If you really want to find out about me, visit my website or better yet, send me an e-mail. For Free!! No Gold Memebership needed!

One thought on “Rant about Classmates.com!”

  1. Aside from being hammered with email from people doing a by-proxy stalk for others I didn’t like the whole mess once they started saying ‘charge’ for access. I just hope the Barstow Alumni site honors the donate made to them and doesn’t try pulling that sort of stunt.

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