Who do you meet at a blood drive?

I stopped after work to make my regular blood donation (and get my coupon for two free tacos). Next to me is a guy that seems familiar, but it is not until I see his name that I recognize him. I went to elementary/high school with him. I turn around and give him my name and we talk for a moment before he moves to the next station. I then have one of the ladies waiting tell me her name and she also went to school with me. After I catch up with the guy, he tells me that they are married and that another classmate is also at the blood drive. Once I hit the “cantina” after donating, I spend most of the time catching up with my three classmates. Who do you meet at a blood drive? Twenty-three years after graduating high school, I run into three classmates who also donated blood. They stayed here in my hometown, while I moved away for 18 years and then came back.