Post-Christmas Thoughts

We had a quiet Christmas holiday as we tore open gifts, played games and ate our Christmas ham. I enjoyed yet another Zelda game for Christmas. This time it was Phantom Hourglass for the DS. I actually didn’t expect much for a hand-held, but the game is quite good. Renee got office supplies as she prepares to launch her Virtual Assistant business in the new year. Jesse received two PC games, but only one worked. He ended up playing Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic as Unreal Tournament 3 had issues that need addressing. It kept crashing his computer after only a few minutes of play. I visited the Tech support forum and it was lit up with complaints and issues. I will see what I can do to resolve it tonight. I hope you had a great holiday.

Edit 12/27/07: UT3 is working now after updating the video drivers on Jesse’s PC. He is now fragging the day away.