Close, but no cigar!

Well, for the second time this year they predicted snow and for the second time this year, we just missed it. The mountains out our front door show we were actually within just a few hundred feet of getting the white stuff, but missed out again. Renee was not happy and I am sure Jesse wouldn’t have minded a snow day either. They say we have another chance coming up, but I won’t hold my breath.

Just short of the destination

After a great comeback from a 1-3 start, the Chargers didn’t have enough firepower to beat the Patriots. They put up a good fight, but not enough points. I yelled, I screamed, I cheered. Thanks for a great year. As a fan, all you ask for is for your team to win the championship. As the saying goes, there is always next year.

The rest of our weekend went well as Jesse enjoyed Homecoming dance while Renee and I had an evening out. I purchased a recumbent bike and have dedicated myself to spending at least a half-hour everyday on it. My last doctor visit resulted in being cleared of high blood pressure, but now I have to get my triglycerides down. Exercise and diet were my doctor’s recommendations. I have 90 days to see what kind of progress I can make.

One down, who’s next?

Nobody picked them. No one gave them a chance. Both pre-game shows said they would lose. At the end of the game, they proved everyone wrong. The Chargers are in the AFC Championship for the first time since 1995 when they beat the Pittsburgh Steelers to advance to their first Super Bowl. Now they are one win away from returning to it. In their way now are the New England Patriots. Nobody will pick them and no one will give them a chance. That’s ok by me. They beat New England at home to break a big winning streak before. They can do it again. Go Chargers!!

Bye-bye 2007, hello 2008

Well, a year has come and gone since I started this blog. Is anybody actually reading it? i spent New Year’s Day watching the Rose Parade and then the Rose Bowl. I tried to watch the Sugar Bowl, but it was such a blowout that I ended up flipping channels. Nothing really newsworthy, just wanted to start of 2008 the same way I started 2007, with a blog entry.