Pondering the past and appreciating the present.

As I drove into Barstow this morning, I got off the freeway on an earlier exit than normal to take the back roads to the office. Immediately after leaving the on ramp, I found myself behind a crew of tree trimmers in two trucks that looked like they were barely holding together. They were moving well below the posted speed limit on a double lined road so I didn’t pass them. Instead, I was behind them for most of the way to my office. I then began to remember how 23 years ago, I was in a truck just like these guys. I trimmed trees in Barstow until it got warm enough to cut lawns. It was cold hard work and many times we were up before dawn and working until sundown. All these years later, I sit in an air-conditioned/heated building with a state-of-the-art computer designing websites. I no longer ride in a clunker truck, but a 2005 Dakota. Thanks Lord for reminding me to be grateful for just how far I have come and how you took a tree trimmer and opened opportunity before him.