Extended Memorial Day Weekend

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We began the weekend seeing Indiana Jones on Friday Night. It was an ok movie, but Jesse thought it was cheesey. Saturday morning Renee & I painted the porch and prepared it for laying outdoor carpet. That afternoon, Jesse and I were off to watch and photograph the ORAF 500 in Johnson Valley OHVA. After watching a little off-roading, we headed for home. Sunday we were up early laying carpet on the porch before the wind got too strong. Monday was spent around the house with a little BBQ. Yesterday, we took Jesse out of school to go to Disney. Our annual passes expired yesterday so we took a final trip through California Adventure and the Magic Kingdom before heading home ahead of rush hour traffic. It was a good 4 days and we managed to get some work done at the house as well as enjoy some relaxing.

Beachfront property?

Yesterday, the doom and gloom prognosticators were at it again declaring we were due for a big earthquake. It seems every few years they describe how bad Southern California will be damaged and how many people will be killed. Yes, we do live in earthquake country, but sometimes these people are making these predictions to promote themselves or their own agendas. I saw the same guy on every station making the same predictions. Smiling and telling all of us how bad it will be when the “BIG ONE” hits. I grew up hearing about the BIG ONE over and over along with how there was enough nuclear weapons to blow the world up several times. Why does the media feel it is necessary to scare people? I have no problem with emergency preparedness, but please don’t try and scare people to make your point. I know in whom I place my trust and its not the doomsayers.

On a side note, it did look like we were at the beach here this morning as clouds rolled in and it drizzled. Reminds me of being in San Diego waiting for the morning clouds to burn off.

Movie Month Continues…

Saturday night, we went to yet another May movie as we saw The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. It was an ok movie, but not on the same level as the first. The action/fighting scenes were very similar to those in LOTR: The Two Towers. The allegory was not quite as clear as in the first movie with the definite good vs evil being a little blurred as both sides in the fight had good and bad people. A good action movie, but I would not recommend it for younger kids as the fighting is much more intense. Next week: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Speed Racer & Mojave Desert Road Trip

Tuesday night, Renee and I went to see the Speed Racer movie. Jesse wasn’t interested, but having grown up watching the cartoon, I wanted to check it out. Besides, it was only $5 on Tuesdays. It was a good attempt at making a live-action cartoon, but Iron Man was a much better written movie. The special effects and costuming were really great, but the movie itself is destined for the DVD bargain bin. Unless you are a die-hard Speed Racer fan, wait until it hits the discount DVDs.

Yesterday, I was able to go on a photo safari for work through the Mojave Desert. I began by photographing the Newberry & Rodman Mountains before making the trip to Amboy Crater. From there, I took photos of the Marble Mountains/Trilobite Wilderness before heading into the Mojave National Preserve. While there, I photographed the Kelso Dunes, Kelso Depot and Kelso Peak/Old Dad Mountains. Returning south at Baker, I took some photos of Rasor OHVA before heading to Afton Canyon. A quick stop at Camp Cady was followed by visits to Calico Early Man Site and Calico Ghost Town before returning to the office just in time to call it a day. Hopefully, I was able to get some decent photos that can be used on CaliforniaDesert.gov.

Weekend Update

We had a pretty full weekend. Saturday was spent working on the porch. The plywood decking was rotting and needed to be replaced. Getting the old wood off was a challenge as it was nailed down every 3 inches. Between the rusted nails and rotting wood, it took great effort to get the old plywood off. Jesse helped with the first piece of plywood and Renee helped with the remaining 3 pieces. Thankfully, after much toil and effort, the new plywood was in place and screwed down instead of nailed.

Sunday began with taking Renee to breakfast for Mother’s Day. When we returned, Jesse opened his presents and later cut the cake for his birthday. He was pleased with what he received and is now 15 years old. As Jesse spent his iTunes gift card, we went to a new grocery store in town called Winco Foods. It’s a GIANT warehouse grocery store. The prices were great, but the aisles stretched forever and it was quite crowded. I think I will stick to the smaller store we usually shop at. We ended the day with dinner at Jesse’s choice, Nick’s Pizza.

It was a pretty busy weekend and muscles are still recovering from the porch rebuild.

Let the movie season begin!

Last night, we went and watched an advance screening of Iron Man. I must say that Robert Downey, Jr. was great in the role of Tony Stark. He pulled off the intense scenes and the comedic ones very well. The special effects and action were great. I think Iron Man and the new Indiana Jones movie will be the top money makers this year. I look forward to seeing Speed Racer and Narnia, but I think Iron Man being first out of the gate will make lots of money until Indiana Jones comes out.

Also yesterday, I spoke to high school students at Silver Valley High School’s career day. I enjoyed it, but I can tell it’s been a few years since I taught as I felt a lot of rust speaking in front of students.