Weekend Update

We had a pretty full weekend. Saturday was spent working on the porch. The plywood decking was rotting and needed to be replaced. Getting the old wood off was a challenge as it was nailed down every 3 inches. Between the rusted nails and rotting wood, it took great effort to get the old plywood off. Jesse helped with the first piece of plywood and Renee helped with the remaining 3 pieces. Thankfully, after much toil and effort, the new plywood was in place and screwed down instead of nailed.

Sunday began with taking Renee to breakfast for Mother’s Day. When we returned, Jesse opened his presents and later cut the cake for his birthday. He was pleased with what he received and is now 15 years old. As Jesse spent his iTunes gift card, we went to a new grocery store in town called Winco Foods. It’s a GIANT warehouse grocery store. The prices were great, but the aisles stretched forever and it was quite crowded. I think I will stick to the smaller store we usually shop at. We ended the day with dinner at Jesse’s choice, Nick’s Pizza.

It was a pretty busy weekend and muscles are still recovering from the porch rebuild.