Speed Racer & Mojave Desert Road Trip

Tuesday night, Renee and I went to see the Speed Racer movie. Jesse wasn’t interested, but having grown up watching the cartoon, I wanted to check it out. Besides, it was only $5 on Tuesdays. It was a good attempt at making a live-action cartoon, but Iron Man was a much better written movie. The special effects and costuming were really great, but the movie itself is destined for the DVD bargain bin. Unless you are a die-hard Speed Racer fan, wait until it hits the discount DVDs.

Yesterday, I was able to go on a photo safari for work through the Mojave Desert. I began by photographing the Newberry & Rodman Mountains before making the trip to Amboy Crater. From there, I took photos of the Marble Mountains/Trilobite Wilderness before heading into the Mojave National Preserve. While there, I photographed the Kelso Dunes, Kelso Depot and Kelso Peak/Old Dad Mountains. Returning south at Baker, I took some photos of Rasor OHVA before heading to Afton Canyon. A quick stop at Camp Cady was followed by visits to Calico Early Man Site and Calico Ghost Town before returning to the office just in time to call it a day. Hopefully, I was able to get some decent photos that can be used on CaliforniaDesert.gov.