Beachfront property?

Yesterday, the doom and gloom prognosticators were at it again declaring we were due for a big earthquake. It seems every few years they describe how bad Southern California will be damaged and how many people will be killed. Yes, we do live in earthquake country, but sometimes these people are making these predictions to promote themselves or their own agendas. I saw the same guy on every station making the same predictions. Smiling and telling all of us how bad it will be when the “BIG ONE” hits. I grew up hearing about the BIG ONE over and over along with how there was enough nuclear weapons to blow the world up several times. Why does the media feel it is necessary to scare people? I have no problem with emergency preparedness, but please don’t try and scare people to make your point. I know in whom I place my trust and its not the doomsayers.

On a side note, it did look like we were at the beach here this morning as clouds rolled in and it drizzled. Reminds me of being in San Diego waiting for the morning clouds to burn off.