Return of the mohawk

After being shaved off at the start of the school year, the blue mohawk has made its return to the top of Jesse’s head. Another shearing, bleaching and dyeing has been done and Jesse couldn’t be happier. It’s not quite as long as last year due to having his hair shorter for school, but there is no hiding it either. 6 ft 2, blue mohawk. Way to blend in with the crowd, son! He is definitely easy to pick out when we go somewhere.

Mom was a telephone operator

Switchboard Photo Link
One of my classmates posted this image on his Flickr account. My mother donated this switchboard to the Mother Road Museum in Barstow when they sold their house. I have seen it referred to as “Barstow’s 1st switchboard” which isn’t exactly true. It was one of the first and sat in a room with a dozen others until the equipment was replaced with computer switching and all the operators found other work. My mom stayed on as a construction clerk until retirement. It was always easy to remember mom’s work number. You dialed zero and asked for her by her first name. It was neat seeing all the operators working the switchbaords in that room.

What a night to be a Laker fan! – Part 2

OK. So the season is over now after a beatdown of the Lakers by the Celtics. That was the worst I have seen the Lakers get beat in a playoff. It wasn’t even close. So now its time to turn to baseball and hey at least the Angles won last night.

After the massacre had ended, we went out to the movies. Tuesdays is $5 night after all. We went to see The Incredible Hulk. This was a much better movie than the disaster a few years back. It had the right blend of the TV show and the original comic plus the required cameo by Stan Lee. It also had Lou Ferrigno as a security guard and a clip of the Courtship of Eddie’s Father with Bill Bixby in it. Nice to see a nod to the TV show which also had the theme song and the Lonely Man piano song also. The Iron Man tie in and Avengers tease was nice too. Great action and pacing so I liked it.

Next up: Hellboy II(per Jesse) & Batman: The Dark Night!

Weekend Fun?

I know most weekends should be a time of relaxing and fun, but sometimes it just doesn’t work out that way. Friday night when I arrived home from work, I pulled the trash cans back and noticed that the right rear tire on the van was almost all the way flat. Saturday morning I got up bright and early to change the tire and then dropped Jesse off for a youth group outing to Huntington Beach. From there, I went to take care of feeding a co-worker’s cat while they were out of town before going to get the tire fixed. I made it home around 11 am and spent the rest of the day listening to our cooler make noise that was not good. Finally around 5 PM it quit running so i was up on the roof trying to figure out what happened. The motor had overheated and stopped working. I lubricated all the pulleys and after it cooled off it came back on, but only for a few more hours before quitting again. Sunday morning, I was up bright and early working on the cooler again. It quit again a few hours later and I decided to remove the motor and get a new one. After a trip to Lowes, the new motor was installed and the cooler ran well. I BBQ’d a few hamburgers and spent the rest of the day reading and watching sports.

RANT! – What a night to be a Laker fan!

I haven’t had my enthusiasm for the Lakers swing so much in a single game as last night’s loss to the dreaded Celtics. I went from mountain top high after a great first half having watched the Lakers dominate Boston. In the end, I was left wondering why I even cheer for the Lakers. I grew up in Southern California cheering on the great Lakers teams of the 80s and was thrilled when they won 3 titles in a row at the turn of this century. What drag to watch them fold in the second half and watch the Celtics celebrate. I just hope they can make Boston celebrate on their own floor by at least winning on Sunday and sending the series back to Boston.

I’m a lumberjack….

On Saturday, Jesse and I made the trip to Barstow to take care of a tree that fell at my brother’s house. Recent winds toppled it over and it was blocking part of the driveway. It was a little draining since we got there around 3 pm during the hottest part of the day. We worked for about an hour and brought home several souvenirs from the experience. Scratches and cuts don’t take that long to heal.