Weekend Fun?

I know most weekends should be a time of relaxing and fun, but sometimes it just doesn’t work out that way. Friday night when I arrived home from work, I pulled the trash cans back and noticed that the right rear tire on the van was almost all the way flat. Saturday morning I got up bright and early to change the tire and then dropped Jesse off for a youth group outing to Huntington Beach. From there, I went to take care of feeding a co-worker’s cat while they were out of town before going to get the tire fixed. I made it home around 11 am and spent the rest of the day listening to our cooler make noise that was not good. Finally around 5 PM it quit running so i was up on the roof trying to figure out what happened. The motor had overheated and stopped working. I lubricated all the pulleys and after it cooled off it came back on, but only for a few more hours before quitting again. Sunday morning, I was up bright and early working on the cooler again. It quit again a few hours later and I decided to remove the motor and get a new one. After a trip to Lowes, the new motor was installed and the cooler ran well. I BBQ’d a few hamburgers and spent the rest of the day reading and watching sports.