What a night to be a Laker fan! – Part 2

OK. So the season is over now after a beatdown of the Lakers by the Celtics. That was the worst I have seen the Lakers get beat in a playoff. It wasn’t even close. So now its time to turn to baseball and hey at least the Angles won last night.

After the massacre had ended, we went out to the movies. Tuesdays is $5 night after all. We went to see The Incredible Hulk. This was a much better movie than the disaster a few years back. It had the right blend of the TV show and the original comic plus the required cameo by Stan Lee. It also had Lou Ferrigno as a security guard and a clip of the Courtship of Eddie’s Father with Bill Bixby in it. Nice to see a nod to the TV show which also had the theme song and the Lonely Man piano song also. The Iron Man tie in and Avengers tease was nice too. Great action and pacing so I liked it.

Next up: Hellboy II(per Jesse) & Batman: The Dark Night!