Jello – land…..mmmmmmm

Yesterdays, 5.4 earthquake shook us around a little. It felt like you were on Jello as it wiggled. At my office, I thought someone heavy had walked up behind me until I realized our floor is concrete and doesn’t move. I looked at a decoration on cubicle wall and watched it sway back and forth. Renee and Jesse felt it at the house, but none of us were freaked out by it. It has been a while since we had one that strong, but we do live in California after all. Jello-land!

“Heroes” panel from Comic Con

We arrived at 8 am hoping to get in line for the Heroes panel. Jesse and I headed for registration while Renee went to get in line for the 10:30 panel. Jesse and I breezed right through and were able to get Renee’s badge as well. We organized the bags and put on our badges and headed to Hall H to find Renee and the line for Heroes. When we got to Hall H we saw the line leave the building and then zig-zag across the grass before disappearing behind the convention hall. Renee called and said she was still walking to the end of the line. We asked some people when they got in line and they answered 5:30 am and these were people behind the convention center. Renee called again to say the line went all the way to Seaport Village. At that point we decided not to wait in line and headed for the Expo hall. This is the panel we missed along with the first hour of this season which was shown.

Heroes: Comic Con Panel

Another Barstow building becomes a memory!

This morning as I drove in from Apple Valley to work, I saw a plume of smoke over the hills as I approached Barstow and I knew that something big was burning. It turns out it was an old furniture store building that sat right in the middle of Main Street and changed names over the years before finally becoming vacant.

Here is the link to the Desert Dispatch story:….

Here is a link to Steve Smith’s Flickr Photo of the mop-up:

Strange desert sighting

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I spotted this on my way into work yesterday and stopped this morning to photograph it. The building in the distance is a Walmart distribution center 2 miles away and the nearest store is 8 miles away. This was sitting on the other side of a fence along a dirt road accessed over a half mile away. This cart wandered a long way from home. I hate that people dump junk in the desert and this one was just wierd.

“Dark” Knight Review

We went Friday night to see the next installment in the Batman again series and it picked up where the other left off with very serious tone of Batman Begins. It was very sinister at parts and the Joker was definitely even more maniacle than Nicholson’s and definitely ruthless. The action was intense, but there were a lot of deaths throughout the movie. I would definitely not take young kids to it, but as usual there were many in the theater. It was definitely very narrow in range of emotion with only a little humor. I liked “Iron Man” better, but The Dark Knight seems to be on its way to beating its gross. It is interesting to see how DC and Marvel compare in their efforts. Other than the Batman series, DC has struggled to keep up. We will see if this leads to a third movie for the renewed Batman series.

Movie Review: Hellboy II – The Golden Army

This past weekend we went to see Hellboy II. It’s part monster, part action hero movie. If you haven’t seen it I will try not to spoil it for you. Let me just say you will never think of the tooth fairy the same again. Also, Barry Manilow will make you laugh if you can believe that. I thought it was a pretty good action movie and continued a great run of comic books turned movies this summer. Overall: I think HB II was better than the first movie and the costuming/makeup should win or at least be nominated for Oscars. Now we will see if The Dark Knight lives up to the hype.

Monsoon season…already?

Every year around August, we get wrap around moisture from Arizona’s monsoon season and it makes our swamp cooler worthless. Higher humidity means less evaporation. The last few days we have had humidity rising at the end of the day and through the night to around 30%. Anywhere else, that might not be a big deal. Here the average tumidity is less than 15%, thus the evaporative cooler for the house. I guess this year the humidity is arriving early and making our house a bit stickier than we would like. At least we have fans to blow the air around.

Fourth of July Rewind

Mondays after a long weekend always are the toughest to get back on track. After work on Thursday Night, I mowed all the dead/dry weeds in the back yard and back pasture to reduce their becoming a brush fire should someone decide to shoot fireworks toward them. We didn’t do much on the 4th itself as Jesse was off to camp still. We sat in the back after the sun went down and watched fireworks across the valley from Adelanto to Victorville to Apple Valley. Saturday around noon, we got a call from Jesse saying he was back from camp. He had a great time and seemed to have enjoyed himself. That night we went to my boss’ place in Silver Lakes for their fireworks which proved to be far better than the previous year. We ate a lot and had a great show over the lake. Yesterday, we just hung out at the house and watched a dvd in the evening and Jesse tried to teach Renee the card games he learned at camp.

WALL-E Review

Pixar movies are always the cream of the crop when it comes to animated movies. Renee and I went to see WALL-E last night($5 Tuesdays). It was a cute kids story with an underlying ecology theme ab0ut how we are trashing the planet. It also marked the first time they have incorporated live actors into a digital film. It is definitely a kid level movie, but we found it entertaining. The short before the movie was especially funny.