“Heroes” panel from Comic Con

We arrived at 8 am hoping to get in line for the Heroes panel. Jesse and I headed for registration while Renee went to get in line for the 10:30 panel. Jesse and I breezed right through and were able to get Renee’s badge as well. We organized the bags and put on our badges and headed to Hall H to find Renee and the line for Heroes. When we got to Hall H we saw the line leave the building and then zig-zag across the grass before disappearing behind the convention hall. Renee called and said she was still walking to the end of the line. We asked some people when they got in line and they answered 5:30 am and these were people behind the convention center. Renee called again to say the line went all the way to Seaport Village. At that point we decided not to wait in line and headed for the Expo hall. This is the panel we missed along with the first hour of this season which was shown.

Heroes: Comic Con Panel