Another memory up in flames!

Another building burned up that I used to go to as a kid. We would go to Yermo every now and then to eat at the International Cafe. Well Friday night, the abandoned building that once housed the restaurant burned to the ground. That is the way of the desert, eventually this happens to most buildings left vacant here. Like Lake Delores, and McMahon’s Fruniture, it now only exists in my memories.

Fire destroys vacant restaurant building in Yermo

$5 Movie Review: The Clone Wars

Last night, Renee and I went to $5 movie night and watched The Clone Wars. It was far and away the worst full length movie to come from George Lucas. I actually found myself looking at my watch to see what time it was which has never happened in a “Star Wars” movie for me. At points it seemed to drag along. Renee commented on the CG saying that she felt like she was watching dolls on screen. The story and dialog were bad. Characters were not consistent with the rest of the Star Wars Universe. It was a bit too cute for me. I will probably watch the shows when they come on Cartoon Network, but I am pretty convinced that the writers in the Expanded Universe are doing a better job with the characters than the man who created them. If you are planning to see it and have young kids, they will enjoy it. If you are a lifelong Star Wars Fan, I think you will be a bit disappointed.

Olympic Rant!

I enjoy watching the Olympics and have always been a fan. I saw the torch relay in 84 and 02 and attended the Olympics in 92 in Barcelona. That said, I hate that NBC refuses to show the big ticket events live on the West coast. I have been watching ESPN News to see results right after the events finish. Unfortunately, NBC feels we aren’t worth showing it live. Not even the record breaking 8th gold medal event by Michael Phelps was shown live. Instead, we wait 3 hours to see a race that I already know the result of. Shameful! Take down the stupid LIVE logo and quit telling me “Coming up live” Bob Costas, because it’s a lie.

Back to work

I spent last week in San Diego attending the ESRI User Conference. It was quite . I only attended a couple of good sessions, the rest were quite nodworthy. The family stayed home and it was a good thing as the hotel left a lot to be desired. I stayed at the Hilton Mission Valley and it was a rip off. The room was in per diem, but the wireless was $10 a day while the Denny’s next door offered it for free. It was nice to get home and not eat out for meals. I am not sure if I will go next year as it was not worth it.