$5 Movie Review: The Clone Wars

Last night, Renee and I went to $5 movie night and watched The Clone Wars. It was far and away the worst full length movie to come from George Lucas. I actually found myself looking at my watch to see what time it was which has never happened in a “Star Wars” movie for me. At points it seemed to drag along. Renee commented on the CG saying that she felt like she was watching dolls on screen. The story and dialog were bad. Characters were not consistent with the rest of the Star Wars Universe. It was a bit too cute for me. I will probably watch the shows when they come on Cartoon Network, but I am pretty convinced that the writers in the Expanded Universe are doing a better job with the characters than the man who created them. If you are planning to see it and have young kids, they will enjoy it. If you are a lifelong Star Wars Fan, I think you will be a bit disappointed.