100 win season..now for 111!

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We went to the last regular season Angels game of 2008 and were fortunate to be at their franchise record 100th win. They beat the Rangers 7-0 in a mid-day game. We had great seats on the third base side just in front of the foul pole. We saw one foul ball come our way, but it went into the section behind ours. We were seated in the second row and the people in the front row didn’t show up so we had a clear unobstructed view out into the field. The only drawback was that the game started at 12:30pm so we sat in the sun until the bottom of the 9th inning when the shade finally arrived in time for the end of the game. Needless to say, we all have a little more red to our skin tone this morning. So we will take turns passing the Aloe around and look forward to the Angels winning 11 more games to be World Series champs again.

Finally….Chargers win!

It only took three weeks and two excruciating last-minute losses, but the San Diego Chargers have finally gotten their first win of the season. I still think the team is in need of work on defense and special teams, but I will take a 48-29 win anytime. Next up is a trip to Oakland and the dreaded rival Raiders. I hope they continue to play at a high level and don’t let down. They are now tied with the Raiders for second in the division and have a lot of work to do to catch the 3-0 Denver Broncos. Go Bolts!

Copper thieves give me the afternoon off

Friday, I was given the afternoon off by copper thieves. We went to lunch at Rosita’s and returned to an office full of beeping back-up battery supplies. It turns out that copper thieves had decided to steal copper from on of the nearby substations. This resulted in a large portion of Barstow losing power. We waited around for a few hours before calling it a day and heading for the house. The power remained out until 7 that night.

Desert Dispatch story

Yelling at the TV….

This time of year you can always here me yelling at the TV for one reason or another. This weekend, I was yelling at the referee’s call in the San Diego-Denver game that gave what was clearly a fumble back to Denver helping decide the outcome of the game. I really enjoy watching the Chargers play, but I hate watching them lose. At least the Angels are giving me plenty to cheer for right now.

The verdict is in….

Yesterday was a trip to the eye doctor and the doctor concluded that I need two pairs of glasses. I could have gone with bifocals, but tipping my head back and forth in front of the PC all day did not sound appealing. So instead, I will have my computer/reading glasses and prescription sunglasses for driving(distance). Losing my hair didn’t make me feel old as I began losing it in my 20s. Getting gray hair didn’t make me feel old as I saw that as just getting wiser. Having to switch to glasses after never having worn them my whole life, makes me feel old. I know most people that have worn them their whole life have no sympathy for me. Twenty plus years of staring at computer screens has finally caught up to me.

Back from Photoshop World in Vegas

I had a great time at Photoshop World in Las Vegas and I especially enjoyed having Jesse attend as well. We heard about the newest version of Photoshop coming out soon and attended lots of classes on how to do more with the version we have n0w. We also met up with several members of the NAPP forum and had a lot of fun. Back to work now after being away almost all of last week.

Reformatting Labor Day Weekend

I spent the weekend reformatting computers. Whoohoo! Friday night I was up until midnight reformatting and setting up the old 98 machine so I could reformat the XP machine. So Saturday morning, I was up early finishing up the 98 machine and getting it connected to the web. I then began making sure the XP files were backed up so I could reformat. The reformatting doesn’t take long, it is reinstalling all the software afterward that takes a while. So after another late night Saturday, the XP was back in operation and the 98 machine was back in mothballs. Sunday continued with reinstalling software on the XP machine until I had my fill. I actually did do a little relaxing over the weekend watching a movie Sunday night and BBQing burgers on Monday.