Weekend Update…the haps at our pad.

Another weekend gone, but we managed to get some things accomplished. Not much going on Friday night except grocery shopping. It would be nice if prices there dropped like at the pump. Saturday, we went shopping for pontoon boats…er…I mean…boots for Jesse. He now requires a size 15 and we managed to find a boot store that had some black work boots that met with his approval. From there, we went to Sonic as they opened one down by the mall here. It wasn’t the same as in Kentucky, but Renee got her fix. Then we were at the mall because I wanted a new Star Wars novel, Millenium Falcon, that was released on Tuesday. We walked the mall with stops at Hot Topic and Gamestop as well as Lids before going across the freeway to Marie Calendar for some pies. Mmmmm, pie…Pecan and Pumpkin. We made one final stop at Best Buy to get the Incredible Hulk DVD before heading home. That night, you guessed it, we watched the DVD. Sunday was spent yelling at the Chargers for not playing defense and then reading my new novel. We ended the weekend watching the Bourne Ultimatum DVD. All in all a relaxing weekend.