Weekend Wrap

Friday night we watched Hellboy II on DVD. If you haven’t seen it yet, the Barry Manilow song is pretty funny. Great action movie. Saturday we went to the dentist and got our teeth cleaned. I did some cleaning around the house and then read the rest of the day. Sunday we had a friend over for Survivor Series with and eye/ear on the other room for the San Diego/Indy game. Looks like the Chargers are done. I hope I am wrong, but at this point it’s no stretch to say that. Not much else going on. Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving holiday.

A So-So weekend

We are now another weekend closer to the holidays. On the good news side, gas continues to drop, but groceries still haven’t come down. I spent part of the weekend reading Children of the Jedi and watching DVDs. Saturday, we went out for a little shopping (Best Buy, Target, Gamestop, Stater Bros.) and picked up a free DVD rental from Blockbuster. We came home with munchies, the two Hellboy movies, and Jumper as our free rental. Saturday night we watched the first Hellboy and then Jumper. Hayden Christiansen (aka Anikan Skywalker) is one stiff actor (not much depth to his acting). Sunday, we went over to an old co-workers house for our annual NFL get together. Her Steelers beat my Chargers in an abismal game. We played some pool and hung around until the 2nd quarter of the Dallas-Washington game before heading home. Our tv was non-stop fire coverage all weekend as SoCal had its annual fires. Fortunately, we were not inundated with smoke like in previous years, but that could change as the winds shift.

I promise two dressers for every bedroom…

This weekend we went out to look for a dresser to replace the “antique” that I had used as a teenager and is probably better on display rather than in use. We mapped out 20 or so garage sales being held Saturday morning in Apple Valley. Renee, being a veteran of the experience as a child(not her favorite memory), let me know when to stop and when to just roll on by. We found only one place with decent dressers, but they were already sold. Next we went to thrift and used furniture stores. After checking out all Apple Valley had to offer, I suggested we try Hesperia. (That was based on my hatred of shopping without actually buying anything.) We walked into a thrift store and found a decent, real wood, but slightly beat up dresser with a mirror. They only wanted $30, so we called it a sale and headed home. Upon arriving, Renee had recieved an e-mail from someone with a dresser and two night stands that was asking $100. Renee offered her $50 thinking she would refuse. She didn’t. So Sunday, we brought home another dresser and two nightstands. Not a bad weekend. Two dressers, two nightstands = $80. The antique will go back into storage and Renee’s old dresser will go back on Freecycle where we found it.