Turkey Sandwiches for all!

Thanksgiving was a quiet day at our house with just the three of us around the table. I know for a lot of families it is a gathering of relatives far and wide, but that has been the exception rather than the rule for us. We live in California and Renee’s family is in Texas. My family used to be in California, but is now scattered from Florida to Oregon to West Virginia. When we lived in Kentucky, we went to West Virginia for a big get together at my Paw Paw’s (my grandfather) farm. Cousins, aunts and uncles were all around, but that was not our usual Thanksgiving. We have moved so many times over the years with our living in Texas, Oklahoma, and Kentucky before moving back to California that we rarely spent a Thanksgiving in someone else’s house. I don’t mind it, it just changes the way you view the holiday when it is normally portrayed as at least a dozen relatives and extended family members gathered under one roof with the kid’s table set up on the side. We don’t partake in the Friday morning madness of standing in line to battle your fellow man for the best deal either. We did stop by a store Friday, but it was around 5 pm and the store was very quiet by that point. The day after Thanksgiving is when we set up the Christmas tree and hang our lights outside. This year, I did so wearing a t-shirt as the weather was in the 70s. The remainder of the weekend was spent eating turkey sandwiches and watching football.