Snowing in Barstow

Yesterday, we had a rare heavy snowfall in Barstow. On average, it snows once every five years there. Unfortunately, I was already at work when it began to fall. It was beautiful to watch, but very hard to get anything productive done. As a kid growing up in Barstow, the moment you saw snow falling, all activity ceased. We would walk right out of class, right out of school and start playing in the snow. Even if it didn’t stick, we left becase it snowed so seldom. So with the snow accumulating, offices began to close. First the BLM office closed and then the Mojave National Preserve. We were going to be left alone until we were told that we too could go home. Funny thing was that by the time I hit the freeway and made it to Lenwood Road, it was nothing but rain. It rained all the way home to Apple Valley. Renee was disappointed that there had been no snow at the house. She has her hopes set on some falling there soon.