Two days off…due to over a foot of snow!

My wife loves the snow and is always happy when it comes. Monday I was at work in Barstow and it began coming down. Much to her dismay, they only got rain at the house despite being at a higher elevation than where I work. I eventually was sent home that day as it continued to accumulate. Surprisingly, once I hit the freeway, there was nothing but rain all the way home.

Fast forward to Wednesday morning, I awoke to falling snow and that continued to accumulate throughout the day. I called in to work and stayed home. Renee and I ventured out to check the mail in the midst of the snow and were coated with it. Halfway through the day, we lost power, but it returned a couple of hours later. I had to use the broom on the Direct TV dish several times to return signal to the TV. The snow kept falling into the night.

Thursday morning, we awoke to over a foot of snow. It was quite beautiful. We eventually went out and cleaned off my truck so I would be ok to drive in today. We also tried to make a couple of snowmen, but found the snow to be less than cooperative. It had dried out overnight and no longer packed. As the day went on and temperatures warmd, we finally got the snowmen built. The temps kept warming and they were pretty droopy by sundown. When I left the house this morning, the roads were still covered with snow and ice. We will see if it sticks around for Christmas.