Another Christmas has passed us by.

We spent Christmas at our house much like we have many that came before with just the three of us. We did open one present Christmas eve at my insistence. In years past, we did this to satiate Jesse’s desire for opening presents, but this time it was out of necessity. He opened the family’s new Nikon D40 so we would have it to use on Christmas morning.

Jesse may not be the kid he was, but he was up early and in the shower and ready to get to business by 8 am. We started with stockings and Jesse wasn’t too pleased to get razors and shaving cream in his. Renee’s funny stocking stuffer was a GIANT chocolate Santa. We found chocolate in her stocking from last year when we took the decorations out this year. I got some WWE trading cards in my stocking. Oooh yeah!

Our major presents this year included a new desk chair for Renee with built in massage, new PC speakers for Jesse and I FINALLY got an iPod. The cat even got in on the act with a big fur mouse that she promptly gathered in her teeth and ran off with. We had a ham dinner and then watched the Lakers beat the Celtics. The wind blew quite hard most of the day and I even had to chase after wrapping paper when the lid to the recycle bin blew open. Renee used the new camera to capture a double rainbow out the back door.

The rest of the weekend was pretty quiet though we did venture out Friday to make sure the gift cards were promptly spent. I also enjoyed my Sunday night as the Chargers eliminated the Broncos and surprisingly made the playoffs despite being 8-8.