Back from NAB Expo

Three years ago, I went to the NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) Expo with some co-workers at the school where I was teaching Flash and Web Design to Middle/High School students. They had an entire area of the Expo dedicated to Multimedia/Web and I was amazed by what I saw. I returned this year expecting to see something similar. I was a bit disappointed as the show had a much narrower focus. Last time I went, I felt a part because of the web/multimedia portion, but this time I felt more like an onlooker than a participant. The emphasis on the move to 3D was evident from the moment we walked in. Sony had an area dedicated to their 3D TV displays. It was pretty amazing to see a 3D image on a wall mounted TV. Panasonic also had an HD 3D theater for which you had to line up just to get tickets for a later showing. One of the highlights of the day was being able to sit in the Content Theater and see what Pixar was doing with 3D. Two of their leads in the 3D department discussed their approach to 3D and shared some of their early trials from Ratatouille and Cars. They also showed us extended scenes from the upcoming summer realease Up. It was cool stuff and certainly amazing to see. I enjoyed their approach to 3D as a story telling element instead of just a novelty to make things emerge from the screen. It was also evident that the economic downturn has had an effect on trade show shwag as well. There were more candy dishes and pens being dispensed than last time I attended. Even Microsoft was just handing out pens. I am glad we went, but I think I will stick to trade shows that are more to my area like Photoshop World and of course the geekfest that is Comic-Con.

Cherish the moments!

Yesterday, I attended a memorial service for classmate/teammate Larry O’Donnell. He was all of 17 days older than me and left this life far too early. His daughter spoke of him taking time to sit and talk with her through the night shortly before his passing. How many times are we too focused on goals and objectives that we lose sight of what is important? We each are given so many breaths and while providing for your family is important, don’t lose sight of the family that is there supporting you. Take time to love on them and listen to them. Make the most of the moments you are given. As I heard a preacher say once, “The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.” In other words, don’t let the affairs and challenges of life overtake time with family and friends. Life is meant to be enjoyed. Nobody ever wishes they had one more day to work at the end of their days. We all have to work, but we can’t let it blot out the loved ones along for the ride.

The journey continues….

Easter is always a time of reflection and re-commitment for me. While stationed at Fort Greely, Alaska in 1987, I bought a Bible for my 21st birthday(I also bought a case of Michelob for which I was not carded). My older brother Rod had gotten a bible on his 21st birthday and I thought I would get one too. I figured I would read it and be able to tell anyone who asked, “Yeah I read the Bible.” At the time, I had a very devout United Pentecostal roomate and I think he kept me in my prayers and I kept him on his knees. After reading in the Bible for a few months, I came to realize that God’s capacity to forgive was far greater than mine. I couldn’t forgive myself for certain things(dealing drugs in my parents home being at the top of the list). I was humbled by His love and knelt beside my bunk one night and prayed a simple prayer from the back of a Gideon’s New Testament and dedicated myself to following Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. That was during Easter season of 1987. I am so thankful to the new creation that was brought about in my life. Old things passed away and life became new. I have never regretted praying that prayer and have had quite a journey with the Lord since then. While I may not be as confontational about my faith as I once was in my zeal to share what had happened in my heart, I am no less devoted to Him. May you know His love and forgiveness forever and always. I cherish them.