The journey continues….

Easter is always a time of reflection and re-commitment for me. While stationed at Fort Greely, Alaska in 1987, I bought a Bible for my 21st birthday(I also bought a case of Michelob for which I was not carded). My older brother Rod had gotten a bible on his 21st birthday and I thought I would get one too. I figured I would read it and be able to tell anyone who asked, “Yeah I read the Bible.” At the time, I had a very devout United Pentecostal roomate and I think he kept me in my prayers and I kept him on his knees. After reading in the Bible for a few months, I came to realize that God’s capacity to forgive was far greater than mine. I couldn’t forgive myself for certain things(dealing drugs in my parents home being at the top of the list). I was humbled by His love and knelt beside my bunk one night and prayed a simple prayer from the back of a Gideon’s New Testament and dedicated myself to following Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. That was during Easter season of 1987. I am so thankful to the new creation that was brought about in my life. Old things passed away and life became new. I have never regretted praying that prayer and have had quite a journey with the Lord since then. While I may not be as confontational about my faith as I once was in my zeal to share what had happened in my heart, I am no less devoted to Him. May you know His love and forgiveness forever and always. I cherish them.