Long weekends are great!

I got off early on Friday with plans to do a wedding. Unfortunately, as weddings sometimes go, it was called off. So that afternoon was spent going to the Army Surplus store to get Jesse a canvas tool bag and then to Lowes to get replacement blinds/shade. After quickly hanging the shade and blinds, I spent the remained of the night reading and watching sports on TV. Saturday Morning, Jesse and I went to see Terminator Salvation. I thought it was pretty good and definitely explosion filled. I then read some more before watching the Lakers beat the Nuggets on Saturday night. Sunday morning, Renee and I went to see Battle For The Museum: Battle for the Smithsonian. It was funny and a good family movie. Afterward, we checked on my co-workers animals while she was out of town. Monday morning, I took my Photoshop CS4 recertification exam and thankfully passed. That afternoon, I grilled some steaks and waited for the Lakers game while reading a novel. Unfortunately, the Lakers lost and the weekend came to a close. Back to work now and headed for June.

Visit from my brother

Over the weekend my brother Chris came in after going to Microsoft Tech-Ed in LA. Saturday we hung out at the house and delved into all the swag he acquired. We went to lunch at Nicks and enjoyed some pizza and chesesticks. Jesse left afterward to do yardwork/scavenger hunt with his youth group until that evening. Sunday morning, Chris and I loaded up and went to Barstow. Before leaving Apple Valley, we stopped at Stater Bros. grocery store and upon leaving I wrongly advised him there were no parking curbs. There were, but only where he had parked. He ended up puncturing a sidewall. After changing to the emergency donut, we went back to the house and got my truck. We stopped at the 1st St Del Taco for breakfast burritos and then began digging through boxes that were in storage. He found some things to take home, but there was a lot of stuff we wondered why my folks had kept. Once it got too warm and his curiosity was satisfied, we returned home to shower and catch the two Game 7s in the NBA playoffs while snacking on flour chips from Rosita’s. Monday, I was back to work, but Chris came up for lunch at Platas after finding a replacement tire. Monday night, we ate at In-N-Out to satisfy another SoCal food fix before he left Tuesday morning. It was great to see him and reminisce about old times.

Star Trek Review and Weekend Recap

We went Saturday morning to catch the new Star Trek movie and were surprised at the number of people also taking advantage of the $5 first showing price. The movie recounts the childhoods of Kirk and Spock and how they came together on the Enterprise. It also has that great Sci-Fi trick to tell new stories, time travel. This isn’t the first time that Star Trek has used time travel as part of the movie franchise. Captain Kirk time traveled to meet Captain Picard in Generations. Kirk and the entire Enterprise crew traveled back in time to modern day San Francisco to retrieve some whales in the The Journey Home. Lastly, Picard and the NG crew traveled back to foil the Borg in First Contact. In this movie, Future Spock played by Leonard Nemoy travels back in time with a rogue Romulan named Nero. The movie is action packed and goes by very quickly despite being over 2 hours long. The stories of the two main characters are told well and the inclusion of the original Spock is also done well. I recommend it and would go see it a second time.

As for the past weekend, we watched the Get Smart movie on DVD Saturday night. It was ok, but not great. Some to the classic lines were funny as were some of the new takes on an old series. Sunday morning, I bought donuts for Mother’s Day and we took Renee out to eat for lunch. We went to the new Buffalo Wild Wings at Renee’s suggestion to try it out. It was ok, but more of a sports bar atmosphere and the food wasn’t that impressive. I worked in the yard that evening tring to get some of the neglected yard work done. Monday was Jesse’s birthday so Renee got up early to decorate with baloons and a banner. He was his usually bright cheery self(NOT) after taking a shower. He opened a few presents and a card. He got a Pistols for Pandas t-shirt and some Strong Bad E-mail DVDs. He and I then went to the pst office to pick up his birthday card from my mom. We stopped by Napa Parts and he bought some replacement turn signal bulbs for his truck. We went to Nick’s for the lunch buffet and stopped at Stater Bros. for him to reluctantly select a cake. Jesse retired to his room to continue watching the DVDs and I went to work on the weed jungle that was our backyard. A busier weekend than most, but Mother’s Day/Jesse’s birthday always tend to be.

Wolverine Movie Review and Weekend Recap

On Saturday night, we went to check out X-Men Origins: Wolverine. The movie had a lot of action and was far more violent than previous X-Men movies. The body count is quite high with death’s occurring frequently throughout the movie. If you are a fan of the movies and their storyline with no knowledge of the comics, you will enjoy it much more. Having known the comics and the story lines for the characters, I had a hard time with elements of the movie. The difference between the comics and what happened on screen was too much. It definitely got the summer movie season of to a great start, but I don’t think it was on par with Iron Man or the Spiderman movies.

Our weekend went by pretty quickly. Saturday morning, Jesse and I headed over to meet some mechanics my co-worker introduced us to. I wanted to get their opinions and recommendations on Jesse’s truck. We drove the 1954 Ford over and found out a few things we could do 0n our own and one major repair job that we will need help with. We replaced the plug wires after a couple of tries before getting the right set. Without thinking, we spent 4 hours in the sun and got sun burned. It seems we got a good deal on the truck, but we have some things to fix. After returning home, we went to Lowes to pick up a replacement cooler that we hope to have installed this week. We spent Sunday staying out of the sun and applying aloe to sun burns.