Visit from my brother

Over the weekend my brother Chris came in after going to Microsoft Tech-Ed in LA. Saturday we hung out at the house and delved into all the swag he acquired. We went to lunch at Nicks and enjoyed some pizza and chesesticks. Jesse left afterward to do yardwork/scavenger hunt with his youth group until that evening. Sunday morning, Chris and I loaded up and went to Barstow. Before leaving Apple Valley, we stopped at Stater Bros. grocery store and upon leaving I wrongly advised him there were no parking curbs. There were, but only where he had parked. He ended up puncturing a sidewall. After changing to the emergency donut, we went back to the house and got my truck. We stopped at the 1st St Del Taco for breakfast burritos and then began digging through boxes that were in storage. He found some things to take home, but there was a lot of stuff we wondered why my folks had kept. Once it got too warm and his curiosity was satisfied, we returned home to shower and catch the two Game 7s in the NBA playoffs while snacking on flour chips from Rosita’s. Monday, I was back to work, but Chris came up for lunch at Platas after finding a replacement tire. Monday night, we ate at In-N-Out to satisfy another SoCal food fix before he left Tuesday morning. It was great to see him and reminisce about old times.