Let the season begin!

After a long off season and sitting through the games yesterday, the San Diego Chargers get their season going tonight with a visit to the Oakland Raiders. This is their year to take it all the way. Time to get things rolling and never let their foot off the gas. Go BOLTS!

So what’s been going on since I last posted. Hmmm! (Scratches head!) Back on August 20th, Jesse came to work with me so he could take his written driver’s test at the Barstow DMV. After waiting in line for an hour, he successfully passed his test missing only 3 questions. Since then, he has been driving to youth group/scaring his dad in the passenger seat. We had a few friends over for Summerslam PPV and BBQd some cheddar wurst and burgers. Also in August, the new program manager started at work so I was relived of being in charge.

Over the Labor Day weekend, we traveled to Yuma, AZ to spend the night at one of my former co-worker’s house. We went to breakfast and then went to see my Aunt Loretta and Uncle Ed that live there as well. Before leaving Yuma, we made a stop at the Walmart to stock up on Renee’s favorite TX ice cream, Blue Bell. We loaded 5 half gallons into the bottom of the cooler and put a 20 lb bag of ice on top and headed for home. As sandstorm kicked up as we crossed into CA and we would later be pummeled by rain as we passed along the western shore of the Salton Sea. The next day we got together with a bunch of my former co-workers/students from Excelsior Education Center and chowed down on BBQ, laughed until our faces hurt, and enjoyed being together.

Other than that, I have been getting things together with classmates for the 25th reunion coming up in October. It will be great to see everyone and find out about them and their families. Oh, and we snuck off to see the movie “9” in between watching football games this weekend. It’s a wierd little movie, but then again aren’t all Tim Burton movies describes in that way.