The day she said “Yes.”

I was nervous and getting ready to leave Texas to visit my family in California for Christmas. It was our last day together before I flew out. We agreed to exchange gifts and I hoped she would like mine. I had my “Charlie Brown” tree set up and decorated. She came over to the apartment and I nervously handed her my gift. She opened it and I asked if she would marry me. We had dated since the summer and I wanted her to know I was not looking for anyone else. I wanted her to be my wife. She smiled and said “Yes” as I slipped the ring onto her finger. Twenty-one years ago today, I got engaged to the woman who is my soul mate. We married almost 14 months later and are still in love. Thanks Renee for making me so very happy. You are so good to me! I love you and am so very glad the Lord brought us together.