March is coming to an end.

With the advent of Facebook and Twitter, I find myself doing less and less with our blog. Let me see if I can recap a little of what has taken place this month in our lives. I began the month feeling a little, well ok, a lot under the weather as I had a massively sore throat. Being the sharing kinda guy that I am, I passed it on to the rest of the family. I think we are finally feeling better now.

We received our tax return and FINALLY got a replacement recumbent stationary bike. It is a lot better model than the one that broke in November. The seat is a little easier to adjust too. I am back to riding 4-5 times a week at 10-11 miles in a little over a half-hour. I also attended some on-site training in Las Vegas, NV in support of the USFWS Desert Tortoise Recovery office.

The weather warmed up and we did a little work in the yard. Speaking of the yard, California Poppies have started to sprout and bloom. We also spotted a surprising 7 rabbits in the yard together at the same time. What a bunch of long-eared hooligans hanging out in the front yard like they own it! We also saw some tiny baby rabbits running around the backyard.

This past weekend, Renee and I went to the Mall of Victor Valley early Saturday morning and exchanged our old 150w floor lamps for more energy efficient 26w fluorescent floor lamps. I also worked a little on Jesse’s truck before settling on the coach to read and watching the NCAA tournament. That night, we played the game “Life” and for the 1st time ever Renee won and Jesse came in last. I’m not sure he will want to play it again soon. Sunday, we went to church and then over to watch Wrestlemania 26 with our good friends, the Haprovs. It was quite an event with Brett Hart returning after 13 years to take revenge on Mr. McMahon. The match of the night was the Undertaker beating HBK(Shawn Michaels) to end his career.

That’s about it from here. We hope that you and your family are well and that your year is going great. Blessings!