Time for the bi-monthly blog post

Hmmmm, let me think. It’s been two weeks since the last post so something must have happened that I can write about. Well there are the obvious sports related things: Angels sweeping the Dodgers(included for my best friend Jim), Lakers advance to the NBA Finals and battle the hated Celtics, the US begins Group play at the World Cup, all of which I enjoyed watching from the comfort of my home except the losses to Boston. No enjoyment at all for those, but the Lakers will wrap things up in the next two games to secure another title.

I went with a former co-worker Rich, who passed through town, to lunch at Lola’s in Barstow a couple of weeks back. I also took a large group to Rosita’s for lunch and Jerry took great care of everyone. Friday night, Jerry threw his 45th birthday bash at Rosita’s and even got hair extensions put in to rock the mullet. It was great seeing lots of Barstow High classmates there (Jerry, Jessica, Laurie, Gary, Derelyn, Clark, Chris, Cruz, Theresa). The old saying still holds true, “84 parties more.” Saturday, after watching the US-England match, Renee and I worked in the yard taking care of weeds and raking the gravel on the driveway. I did read a couple of Star Wars novels too. I finished Fate of the Jedi:Allies yesterday. That’s about all from here. Hope everyone is going to have a great summer as the kids get out and the vacations begin.

The benefit of a friend

Over the past two weekends, we have been very fortunate to spend time with our two longest and best friends. We traveled to San Diego to celebrate the promotion and graduation of my best friend Jim Ritch on May 23rd. Jim has attained the rank of Master Chief Petty Officer(E-9) and finished his Masters degree. I have known him since Drivers Ed class back at Barstow High School in 1982. We struck up a friendship that saw me enter the Army while he married and had two beautiful daughters. Years later, I would be out of the Army as he began his Navy career. Through it all, our friendship has remained close. He lost his mother and this past year I lost my father. We have watched our children grow and now he is a grandfather. I am so very grateful that we have remained close.

This past weekend, we received a surprise call from Renee’s best friend, Michelle Daley. Like Jim and I, they have been friends since high school. We spent Saturday hanging out in Palm Springs together. After they graduated high school, we followed Michelle to Christ For The Nations Institute in Dallas, TX. While we were youth pastors, she came and spoke to our youth group. She later spent Thanksgiving with us in Tulsa, OK at a trying time in her life. We attended her graduation from Dallas Baptist while we were visiting from Kentucky. We also flew out to spend some time with her and break in her Chocolate Fountain. Mmmmmm!

The greatest benefit of each of these individuals in our lives is the constant knowing that they are there for you. Proverbs 18:24 states: “A man that has friends must show himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticks closer than a brother.” Thanks for sticking by us over the years Jim and Michelle. Many have come and gone, but you have remained faithful. We are both so very glad to call you friend.