Summer is winding down

In a week, the young man residing in our home begins his senior year of high school. He will drive himself to school also. Wow! How time flies by when you are busy living life. I remember holding him as we left the hospital and thinking of the day he would ask me for the keys to the car. Now he drives his own truck.

August has been a little busy for us. We attended a Rangers/Angels game on the 1st hosted by my company. They fed us very well and provided seats at the very top of the stadium. So very glad that we were in the shade and avoided baking all day while the Angels went on to win 4-1. The following weekend, we drove to San Diego to attend the 1st birthday party of my best friend’s grandson. He was at sea, but returned the next day to play with the happy boy. In the middle of last week, we drove to Las Vegas to see Renee’s parents. They were in town for the week so we took them around to see some of the sights. They were staying at the Stratosphere and had a room for us overnight. We took them to Circus Circus and then down the strip. We showed them Hoover Dam and that night we took her mom to Fremont Street. The next day we went to breakfast and then on to the MGM to see the Lion Habitat. We went back to Fremont Street so Renee’s father could see it and then dropped them back at the Stratosphere before heading home to Apple Valley. We had a friend over to watch Summerslam on Sunday.

That wraps up the month so far, we will see what the remaining few weeks brings. Hope that you and yours are well and enjoying your summer.