November and things are looking better for Jesse.

Jesse has been working hard and has raised 1/3 of the money he needs for his senior class Europe Trip. He raised $350 at the yard sale, mowed a lawn, sold a bunch of items through craigslist and a store at Donations have come in also for which he is very grateful. To allow him more time to raise money, we agreed to sign-up for a monthly payment plan. This means 4 payments of $586 are due the 15th of each month through February. He has about $375 more to raise for his payment this month. Our weekends have involved going through everything and taking photographs to post them online to sell. We have a bunch more items to post and pray that they sell to help Jesse.

We will most likely have a sparse Christmas so we can dedicate money toward helping him take this once-in-a-lifetime trip. Thank you to all who have offered there support. He is really looking forward to spring break and this wonderful opportunity.