February – One month to go for Jesse

It’s been a month since I started the year of thankfulness on Twitter. At times, it has proved to be challenging as I try to find something to be thankful for that I haven’t already mentioned. Some days are no-brainers as important calendar dates arrive and other days I find myself contemplating longer and posting later in the day as something happens or comes to mind. I am grateful I undertook this challenge as now I am searching for things to be thankful for which is a good thing in itself.

Jesse is a little over a month away from his trip to Europe with the other members of his senior class. He has one final payment due on the 14th of February and he is within $200 of the amount needed to make it. I am very grateful to all our family and friends that have helped him realize this goal. He still will be raising money up until the day he leaves to cover the cost of a camera for the trip and extraneous travel expenses not covered by EF Tours(tips, lunches, etc.). When he first approached us about the trip, I told him he would have to raise the money and trust the Lord for the finances to cover the trip as we were already paying his private school tuition for his senior year as well as all the additional costs associated with being a senior(ring, cap & gown, etc.). As he finishes his senior year, he will have a significant milestone going forward of how his needs were met and stronger faith in the Lord to supply his needs in the future.

February is always a month of celebration in our family. Renee’s parents celebrated their 45th anniversary on the 5th. Renee celebrates her birthday on the 13th with Valentine’s Day the following day. On the 17th, we celebrate our 21st anniversary. On the 22nd, we remember my parents anniversary which would have been their 47th if dad were still with us. On the 24th, I acknowledge another trip around the sun as well.

Hope that each of taking time out of your day to read this are well and that you know the love of the Lord and family in your life. We appreciate each of you and your presence in our lives.