Man, he isn’t a boy anymore!

We celebrated Jesse’s 18th birthday on Wednesday. I was directed by Jesse to get donuts promptly in the morning before I left for work. He decided that since it was chapel day at school, he would dress in his suit and wear his fedora. I left work early to pick up his cake and get home before he did from school. Renee and I put on our best as well. He pulled in to the driveway to see Renee in a fancy dress and me wearing a nice tie and shirt. He was quite surprised as he thought he would be taking his mom to lunch and jokingly asked her to get dressed up so he wouldn’t stick out. After opening his card and birthday present (an iPod Touch), we left to enjoy a fancy lunch at the high-class eating establishment called “Subway”. We ran into someone from church coming out to the truck afterward catching them by surprise as we don’t dress up on Sundays. We then went to Best Buy so he could get a case for his birthday present.

On arriving home, it was the right time for cake time. He decided that the Over-The-Hill candle would do the trick on his gigantic cake. He didn’t care what kind of cake he got as long as it was big. This wasn’t because he expected a lot of people for his birthday, but because he wanted a lot of leftover cake to enjoy afterward. We laughed as he proceeded to cut a piece that was just under a quarter of the cake. He managed to eat almost all of it before he called it quits and put what was left in the fridge for the next day. That evening we went to Nick’s Pizza so he could enjoy another of his favorite foods: Pizza with Canadian bacon, mushrooms, and pineapple. So all in all, he had a good day full of his favorite foods and a cherished present that he will put to great use in the years to come.

Considering how I spent my 18th birthday(activities that are best left unspoken) and that Renee went with me to get a marriage license on hers, I think Jesse had a great birthday. He is less than a month from graduation and is finalizing his application for a 4 month internship that would begin in July. I will reveal the details of the internship after he has been accepted and his start date is confirmed. Hope everyone is well and that all the students finish their school year well.