It’s been a couple of months…

I was waiting to post until things settled down a bit around our place. The end of May and beginning of June were quite busy as Jesse prepared for and then graduated from Apple Valley Christian School. It was a long time in the making as he began in K-4 attending Jenks Road Christian School while I was working on my degree at Oral Roberts University. After our move to Kentucky and a brief stint in public school, Renee began a long journey with him in the realm of homeschooling. He had a couple of years mingled in where he was attending classes at Excelsior Education Center (7th grade) and AVCS (9th grade), but most of his time was spent with Renee teaching him. They did well enough that he only needed 4 classes each semester of his senior year to graduate.

We had several family members fly in for his big day on June 3rd. His grandparents came in from Texas and his grandmother from Florida. We also had his youth pastor and fiancee along with one of my childhood friends and his wife at the graduation ceremony. It was a cool day as each of the graduating seniors had a slideshow of photos from their life play as they received their diploma. Jesse presented us with a letter and flower after leaving the stage to embrace all the family.

The Monday following graduation, Jesse mailed off his application for an internship he greatly desired. After waiting and waiting, we finally received word that he had been accepted to intern at the Los Angeles Dream Center, a ministry that focusing on meeting needs of those facing challenges from substance abuse, homelessness, poverty and other maladies society has. He wants to devote his life to helping others and we are very proud of him for that decision. He has to wait a few more months before he can begin as they currently don’t have any vacancies. He is hoping to begin the internship as soon as possible, so please pray patience for him and that he finds work while he awaits the call to begin the 4 month internship.