Bye-bye 2007, hello 2008

Well, a year has come and gone since I started this blog. Is anybody actually reading it? i spent New Year’s Day watching the Rose Parade and then the Rose Bowl. I tried to watch the Sugar Bowl, but it was such a blowout that I ended up flipping channels. Nothing really newsworthy, just wanted to start of 2008 the same way I started 2007, with a blog entry.

Tweakers, Methheads and Thieves…Oh My!

How desperate is a person for a fix when they will steal copper from an active water line and waste thousands of gallons of water for just a few dollars. Last week, several fittings were stolen from the building where I work leaving it without water until noon. What a crazy world this is.

Copper thieves close down DMV

December 18, 2007 – 1:50PM

VICTORVILLE — A stolen 2-foot piece of copper pipe worth about $5 brought the Victorville DMV to a screeching halt Tuesday morning.

DMV spokesman Mike Marando said that a security guard making routine rounds discovered the theft at about 7:30 A.M. He suspects that sometime during the night a saw was used to cut off the pipe that is the main water line into the DMV.

“Without any water the DMV had to close for health and safety issues”, Marando said.

People that came to DMV were told they would have to go to Barstow or come back later after the pipe had been replaced. A contractor was called to install a new pipe and the DMV was opened by 2:30 in the afternoon.

The owner of a local recycling company estimated the value of the stolen pipe at four to five dollars based on Tuesday’s price of copper.

The pipe is above ground about 30 yards from the DMV building near the street. The two foot long two inch diameter copper pipe was cut off on one end where it connects to the city water supply side and the other end connecting to the DMV side.

Hit the road Jack , and don’t ya come back no more…

It FINALLY happened. The phone company we call Verizon has delivered on a promise to give us DSL. After two years of wrangling and an eventual complaint to the Public Utilities Commission of California, we now have a broadband connection to the world. No more dial-up speeds ranging from 44kb to 9kb. Oh happy day!!! We now have a 3MB connection that was activated yesterday. I was able to get our computer online, but am still working to get Jesse’s on. I should be able to do that tonight after our modem/router arrives. It was great to be able to watch video again over the internet and have more than one webpage loading at a time.

Rant warning!!!

OK. Just got back from court on a speeding ticket. I was ticketed for 75 in a 70. No mercy, no reduction, Guilty! Pay your fine! I passed a CHP officer that was doing 50 mph merging onto Interstate 15. It was at Barstow Road which comes immediately after the I-15/I-40 merge and is probably the most hazardous on ramp due to the speed of the merging vehicles. I accerelerated to 70 passing him and set my cruise control. Guess I just happened to get the wrong judge as he gave noone any breaks. Oh well. At least I made the officer come into court for it.

Dental work is no fun!

Okay, last Wednesday night I am sitting on the couch with Renee and I bite into something. I then turn to Renee and tell her my tooth just broke. I show it too her and one of my molars has a piece that wiggles when I touch it with my tongue. The next morning I am off to the dentist and guess what I get to have done. I get a crown. Turns out that one of the fillings I had put in when I was but a child has now split the tooth. Fun for me. The novacaine works great and I don’t feel a thing until later when it wears off. My head was pounding. Glad I took the rest of the day off. So I now have a temporary crown awaiting a permanent one that is being made. The dentist was nice and the he did good work, but the pain in my jaw and head afterwards was something new to me. Isn’t it great getting older and experiencing new things. Not!!!

Warning!!! Chargers rant ahead!

OK. I know I was disappointed in our early exit from the playoffs, but now we are without a coach after all other vacancies have been filled. I was never a fan of Marty as he was a Chiefs coach for so many years, but to be fired after all the other coaching vacancies are filled sure seems cold-blooded. Oh well. Guess being a fan of the San Diego Chargers means having to scratch your head a lot. Maybe that’s why I am bald. It’s from scaratching my head at my favorite team. Rant over. I return you to your reqularly scheduled program.