Rock Art

This past weekend we went to Cornerstone California in Irvine and saw some great Christian Metal bands. Friday night we saw Demon Hunter and Tourniquet. Both put on a really great show, but Tourniquet was the best. The next night we saw Neon Cross, Once Dead(formerly Vengeance), Barren Cross and Bloodgood. It was a great time and my neck needed several coats of Icy Hot in the days following. Yesterday, I took Jesse to the Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena as part of a field trip for his Art class. We enjoyed talking about the artists and their techniques. Today it’s back to work after a 3 day Rock Art weekend.

Relaxing Labor Daybor

We had a relaxing Labor Day Weekend. We ran to the mall for an oil change and car(truck)wash. We stopped by Barnes & Nobel to pick up my reserve copy of Inferno, the new Legacy of the Force Star Wars book. We went to the not-quite-a-dollar($3.50) theater and watched Ratatoullie. That afternoon we sat on the porch and enjoyed watching the lightning from nearby storms and even got a few sprinkles. Sunday morning, we enjoyed service live from Lakewood Church in Houston, TX for the first time in over 2 years. Jesse and I enjoyed a few rounds of LAN gaming(AOE III & UT2004). We cooked up a few Brats and had some potato salad yesterday. By last night, I had finished the new novel to cap off a pretty relaxing weekend.

Ants in the….

I woke up Sunday morning and did my usual routine. I fired up the PC to check e-mail and then around 8:30 am, I turned on the TV to catch Joel Osteen. Toward the end of the broadcast, I decided to put the dishes away that Renee had washed the night before. As I approached the sink, I saw that we had been invaded. The dry conditions(drier than normal anyway), had caused some ants to come inside looking for something to eat. Apparently they found it as they were all over the counter and sink. I sprung into action and began moving what I could and broke out the bug spray. It didn’t take long for Renee to come in to find out why I was making so much racket. Several hours and several sinks full of dishes later, the invasion had been repelled and the kitchen reclaimed.

Video Editing!

I used to edit video for our church in Kentucky and I had forgotten what a tedious and time consuming process it is. I picked up a convenient USB interface that let’s me connect the VHS to the PC and capture video. Spent most of yesterday slicing up clips and edit points. Honestly made me want a new PC that could handle the rigors of editing. Maybe someday soon as amazingly our PC is three years old and that is a decade in regular years. So my new hobby until I can get all the tapes done is video editing. Fortunately, the new camcorder has a firewire hook-up that makes VHS obsolete. Goodbye VHS, say hello to cassettes and 8-tracks for me.

Another one down…

Seems like the summer months just pass faster than the winter ones. July 31st and another summer is waning. Not much going on other than work and video games. Work on my part and video games on Jesse’s. Though I must admit to playing a classic game at night. They opened a Gamestop here in AV and we were among the first to visit. Pretty amazing to see the place with all games in Alphabetical order and with titles that are hard to find. So I coughed up the money for the Ocarina of Time on Gamecube which contained the unreleased MasterQuest version. Nothing like wandering around Hyrule and killing skulltulas to pass the time. I now return you to your regularly scheduled program.

Back from San Diego!

We spent the last week in San Diego while I attended a conference for work. It was very pleasant and we enjoyed getting together with my best friend Jim a couple of nights. Jesse enjoyed the pool and attended a special session of the conference for high school students. It was pretty funny to see the people’s eyes open wide as a 6 foot kid with a blue mohawk strolled through thier door. He enjoyed the session and by the time I arrived to get him, the wide-eyed instructors were telling me what a smart young man he was. We visited the San Diego Wild Animal Park while there too. It was my first visit in over 20 years and I was a little dispappointed. The monorail around the park had been discontinued two months prior and you now have to pay for all the little tours they have on top of the cost of entry. We returned home to our lonely cat that proceeeded to scold us for the next few days about leaving her alone all week. It was a nice break from the norm and now its back to to work and the heat of the Mojave.

Monday, Monday

Whew! Last week was a bit of blur as Renee’s brother and dad were in town. They came in Saturday and Sunday we were off to Disneyland. Scott had a great time and got to ride all the rides he wanted too despite being pretty sick. Monday, Jesse and I took dad to Calico Ghost Town which he enjoyed. Tuesday night we headed to Hollywood and I dropped everyone off at CBS to wait in line for Price Is Right at 2 am. Jesse and I slept at the hotel while they stood in line until 6 am waiting for the gates to open. Dad had a great time, but we were all pretty exhausted after that. They flew back to Texas early Friday morning and we spent the weekend relaxing and recovering. (I did a wedding on Saturday, but it was a short ceremony.) It is nice to be back on a regular schedule.

You want a what…ok, let me get the clippers

When your son tells you he wants a mohawk, what do you do? In our case, I got the clippers and gave hime one. My father always told me how to wear my hair so when Jesse wanted his long I said ok. Cueball, if that’s what you want. Well, now its a mohawk, let me get my clippers. Does that mean he is an all out punk rocker, nope. He just wanted to try it out. No harm there because unlike my hair, his will grow out. Does it matter to us, not really. It’s what’s on the inside that counts, not the outside. I would much rather have him be himself than feel pressured to be like everyone else. Mohawk or not, we love him and are more interested in the man he will be than the haircut he has.

Been slacking of on the blog…

Has it really been two weeks since my last post. What a slacker! Let’s see I went to Palm Springs for the ESRI Developer Summit and sat in sessions with a bunch of GIS programers. What fun that was!It was nice to get out of the cubicle for a few days, but I really missed coming home at night to my family instead of a hotel room. This past weekend I worked on my “to do” list around the house. I got the swamp cooler all ready for summer and as you can expect we had the weather turn colder.I also put together a screen for a window that never had one. Boy is that a frustrating do-it-yourself job! I think I will pay someone to do that before I try it again.

Dental work is no fun!

Okay, last Wednesday night I am sitting on the couch with Renee and I bite into something. I then turn to Renee and tell her my tooth just broke. I show it too her and one of my molars has a piece that wiggles when I touch it with my tongue. The next morning I am off to the dentist and guess what I get to have done. I get a crown. Turns out that one of the fillings I had put in when I was but a child has now split the tooth. Fun for me. The novacaine works great and I don’t feel a thing until later when it wears off. My head was pounding. Glad I took the rest of the day off. So I now have a temporary crown awaiting a permanent one that is being made. The dentist was nice and the he did good work, but the pain in my jaw and head afterwards was something new to me. Isn’t it great getting older and experiencing new things. Not!!!