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Two months in and still no post

Tuesday, February 26th, 2013

Ok I admit I have been slacking on the blog. With Twitter and Facebook being the dominant way I have been keeping in touch with people I just have been ignoring the blog. Let me see if I can cobble together a brief summary of what has transpired so far in 2013.

Jesse came home for a few days at the start of January. He is still at the LA Dream Center serving in the kitchen as an intern feeding over 300 people every meal. He applied for and received a full internship scholarship for the next year. He has started back at the Angelus Temple Bible Institute with a 3 year scholarship there also. He enjoys being in LA and keeps very busy working at the ministry there. We might see him sometime soon, but for now he is there and blessing others through his service.

Renee and I both celebrated birthdays this month. We didn’t do much other than go out to eat. Our anniversary was another story. We took a flight to Portland, Oregon and were hosted by my brother Chris and his wife Paloma. We had not been to visit them since they moved from Texas to Oregon. We had a great time catching up and enjoyed their beautiful home. We went bowling thanks to a Groupon gift card from one of Renee’s clients. Paloma schooled us in the first game and I hung on to win the second game. They took us to Stanford’s for our anniversary dinner. One of the main destinations while in Portland was the great used bookstore, Powells. It was great to see so many Star Wars novels in one place. I brought home many hard to find novels that are waiting to be read.

Well, that’s the latest from our neck of the woods. If you want more recent info and photos, send me a friend request on Facebook.

Another month done and a busy one ahead

Monday, February 1st, 2010

Well, we have put another month in the history books. January has ended and we now enter one of the busier months on the Zeliff calendar to include two birthdays and three anniversaries. In February, Renee and I both celebrate our birthdays and our parents wedding anniversaries are celebrated along with our 20th. This will be my mom’s first wedding anniversary since dad passed away so we are hoping she will come out and be with us on that day. They were married for 45 years and her sorrow needs comforting when that day arrives.

This past weekend was not too busy. Friday night, Jesse drove us around as we got the oil changed in my truck and then went to Best Buy to exchange a defective DVD. Afterward, he went through the drive-thru at Golden Chopstix. It’s a good thing he has long arms, because he stopped a good ways away from the window. When we arrived home, I forced myself to use only chopsticks which was pretty comical to watch I am sure. I did get the hang of it, but my hand was a little sore by the end of the meal. Saturday we did a little housecleaning and Sunday I enjoyed seeing the Lakers beat the hated Celtics. That evening, we had a our friend Martial over to watch WWE Royal Rumble. It was great to spend some time with him and watch the PPV.

We pray that you and your family are well and please know that we are available should you need someone to pray with or just talk to.