Rock Art

This past weekend we went to Cornerstone California in Irvine and saw some great Christian Metal bands. Friday night we saw Demon Hunter and Tourniquet. Both put on a really great show, but Tourniquet was the best. The next night we saw Neon Cross, Once Dead(formerly Vengeance), Barren Cross and Bloodgood. It was a great time and my neck needed several coats of Icy Hot in the days following. Yesterday, I took Jesse to the Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena as part of a field trip for his Art class. We enjoyed talking about the artists and their techniques. Today it’s back to work after a 3 day Rock Art weekend.

Relaxing Labor Daybor

We had a relaxing Labor Day Weekend. We ran to the mall for an oil change and car(truck)wash. We stopped by Barnes & Nobel to pick up my reserve copy of Inferno, the new Legacy of the Force Star Wars book. We went to the not-quite-a-dollar($3.50) theater and watched Ratatoullie. That afternoon we sat on the porch and enjoyed watching the lightning from nearby storms and even got a few sprinkles. Sunday morning, we enjoyed service live from Lakewood Church in Houston, TX for the first time in over 2 years. Jesse and I enjoyed a few rounds of LAN gaming(AOE III & UT2004). We cooked up a few Brats and had some potato salad yesterday. By last night, I had finished the new novel to cap off a pretty relaxing weekend.

Back from the rock quarry…

Spent the weekend raking gravel in the front yard/drive and am feeling my age. Jesse and Renee lent a hand and the yard is looking better. Still has some work to do, but it looks better than it did. Not as many weeds as the previous years since it has been so dry here (it is a desert). Had a huge Easter meal at one of the local restaurants(Mollie’s…salad, soup, cornbread, ham, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole and a piece of cake for $10 each). We ended up bringing a lot home. Not much else going on.