Warning!!! Chargers rant ahead!

OK. I know I was disappointed in our early exit from the playoffs, but now we are without a coach after all other vacancies have been filled. I was never a fan of Marty as he was a Chiefs coach for so many years, but to be fired after all the other coaching vacancies are filled sure seems cold-blooded. Oh well. Guess being a fan of the San Diego Chargers means having to scratch your head a lot. Maybe that’s why I am bald. It’s from scaratching my head at my favorite team. Rant over. I return you to your reqularly scheduled program.

Zelda Twilight Princess

Ok. This isn’t really an update or news, it’s more of me trying to find something to post about. Funny thing about starting a blog is that I feel obligated now to post at least once a week. Not much going on at the Zeliff pad. It’s been warm out lately and even went for a walk today at lunch. Kind of weird seeing the elementary school I attended from where I work. I have been all over the US and across the pond, yet I work within a half-mile of where I learned my ABC’s and 123’s. What does all of that have to do with the new Zelda game? Nothing. I have been playing it as time permits and I highly recommend it to any Gamecube owners. Probably the last good game to come out for that console.

My Cubicle

First week of the year is over. Here is a pic of my cubicle at the new work location. Enjoyed watching the playoffs this weekend on TV and playing the new Zelda game on Gamecube. Next weekend the Chargers start their playoff run. Go Chargers!!!

Back to work

Today was a pretty quiet day at work as the federal employees were all off for the national day of mourning. Hard to believe that it’s 2007 already, but as we get older the years seem to go by faster. Hope everyone had a great holiday.