Fomentor in chief

The chorus of this song echoes in my mind when I think of the fomentor of the recent attack on the US Capitol.

Kick ‘Em Out by X-Sinner

You’re late every day,
Move over, outta the way,
Throw it away, you’re thinking of yourself,
You’re tired, hit the shower,
Sit down, take a break,
You’re playing a game you’re never gonna win.

You said, “I don’t like it, I don’t like it,”
Kick ’em out, kick ’em out,
You’re just another freak trying to tell me how to live,
Kick ’em out,
Kick ’em out.

Big house, fancy car,
Long green, you’re a star,
You got it all; you’re dying a slow death,
Good looks knock ’em dead,
You let power go to your head,
You’re in control, they do whatever you say.

You say, “I don’t like it, I don’t like it,”
Kick ’em out, kick ’em out,
You’re just another freak trying to tell me how to live,
Kick ’em out,
Kick ’em out.

Check out, time to pay,
Don’t get another day,
Had a chance; you threw it all away,
Too late, over and done,
You’ve lost, you could’ve won,
You turned him away when he was knocking at your door.

You said, “I don’t like it, I don’t like it,”
Kick ’em out, kick ’em out,
You’re just another freak trying to tell me how to live,
Kick ’em out,
Kick ’em out.

I wanna rock/photoshop all night….

In the past few weeks, I have been rocking or photoshopping out. On August 28-29th, we attended the 25th Anniversary of HM/Heaven’s Metal magazine Up From The Ashes III Christian Metal Festival at The Vault in Temecula, CA. We were initially only going to attend the 1st day as Renee now works on Sundays running the nursery at the church we are attending. A few days prior, my friend James(Divine Metal Distro) messaged me to ask if I would being willing to shoot video for him of some of the bands. As a result, we were able to video and photograph on both days and got in free on Sunday. We saw the 25th anniversary shows of Deliverance and Bloodgood as well as some great shows by Grave Robber, The Altar Billies, Ultimatum, Troglodite Down, Nostalgia, Fasedown and many others. If you are a friend on Facebook, you can see the best of the photos from that weekend. Another cool thing about these shows is how the musicians mingle in the audience. The venue was small and they each took time before and after their sets to hang out and say hello. One highlight for me was meeting Les Carlsen of Bloodgood when I went to my truck to call Renee on Sunday. He saw my Bloodgood shirt and came right over to talk. Jesse got a Deliverance 25th anniversary shirt and a bunch of new CDs while we were there too.

The Tuesday following, I was in Las Vegas to attend Photoshop World Conference at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center. This marked my 5th time attending and I still enjoy it. To kick things off, I met up with 25 NAPP forum members at the Burger Bar in Mandalay Place. It was great to see friends behind the avatars and meet up with those I knew from previous PSWs. We had several NAPP instructors join us and afterward we visited the Tweetup to hang out some more. They had a live set-up taking photos and posting them to Flckr. The next morning keynote was kicked off with the same NAPP instructors coming out in KISS-style make-up and singing “I wanna Photoshop all night and retouch everyday.” It was hilarious to see them using the Photoshop tools as part of their makeup. The most exciting part of the keynote was the presentation of the Guru awards. A good friend from the NAPP forums won for Illustration and took Best In Show. The presenter commented that he must have had family due to all the forum members yelling when he won. We had three busy days of workshops on all the latest in Photoshop, Photography and more. Another highlight was attending Midnight Madness. It is a fun night of goofing around and hanging out with friends. I returned home just a little exhausted after a very busy week.

On another note, Jesse began his senior year of high school. We were very pleased to find out that he need only take four classes each semester in order to graduate. He also has an opportunity to tour Europe in the Spring if he raises the money for the trip. If you are interested in helping him go, let me know and I will pass your name along.

Hope that you and your family are well and we look forward to hearing from each of you as we head into the fall season.

Huntour ends the summer for Jesse

This past weekend, we went to the Glasshouse in Pomona to see the Huntour concert. Doors opened at 2 pm, so we arrived early around 1:30 to get in line. We met up with James Mattern and his wife of Divine Metal Distro/Open Grave Records as we had an extra ticket for them. We enjoyed talking to them until the doors opened and we made our way inside the venue. It was a small concert hall and reminded me of the Whiskey A GoGo in Hollywood where we saw our friends Martial & Dave play a few years ago. The afternoon kicked off with D.O.A.R. (Destruction of a Rose) and they brought it. Great band with polished stage presence. Next up was Faith Snakes, but they were not received very well as they had more of a punk sound than metal. We took that time to sneak out and grab a bite to eat at Joey’s BBQ just down the street. After a brisket sandwich, we made our way in to catch the last half of the set by 7 Horns, 7 Eyes. They were alright for what we heard of them. Next up was Hands and we enjoyed these guys very much. Jesse later decided to get their CD. After them was The Great Commission and they reminded me of my early days in Christian Metal. Their style was very hard and heavy, but their message was very straightforward evangelism. They also had a female guitarist that brought the guttural screams very well. She also busted out the helicopter/windmill head swing which I hadn’t seen on stage in years. Jesse also got their CD.

The final three bands were who the crowd had come to see. Focused had reunited just for this show and brought what was known years ago as “Spirit-Filled” hardcore. They were very tight musically, but you could tell their lead singer was getting spent by the effort of performing at such intensity. He had all of his family in the crowd to include some under 8-9 yrs of age. They were good, but you could tell the lead singer was exhausted by the end of their set. Next up was a band we were really looking forward to, Living Sacrifice. I had listened to a little of them back in my day, but Jesse had really become a fan of their since we picked up a collection CD of theirs for him at Christmas. These guys were awesome with their intensity and Christ based lyrics. Much head banging was done during their set and encore. The final band of the night was Demon Hunter. We had seen them 2 years ago at Cornerstone California, but it was cool to see them in a smaller venue. Surprisingly there were only about 100 people so it was like having a private show. We enjoyed their set and two encores before heading home for the night.

Sunday was spent recovering from the concert after applying icy hot to sore neck muscles. Renee began assembling Jesse’s schoolwork for the week after we went to the Barnes & Noble for some books and a stop at In-N-Out for lunch. Today, Jesse starts his final year of homeschooling. He is a junior and wants to do his senior year at the private school he attended as a freshman. Renee has worked with him since 1st grade with exception of 7th & 9th grade when he attended the school I was teaching at and the private school. He needs to take his written driver’s test to get his permit in the next few weeks so he can begin his behind-the-wheel time . Not much longer left and he will be off living life on his own. Don’t mention this to Renee as she gets a little weepy of the thought of her little boy being all grown up. As for me, I envisioned him as a grown man the day I brought him home from the hospital.

Rock Art

This past weekend we went to Cornerstone California in Irvine and saw some great Christian Metal bands. Friday night we saw Demon Hunter and Tourniquet. Both put on a really great show, but Tourniquet was the best. The next night we saw Neon Cross, Once Dead(formerly Vengeance), Barren Cross and Bloodgood. It was a great time and my neck needed several coats of Icy Hot in the days following. Yesterday, I took Jesse to the Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena as part of a field trip for his Art class. We enjoyed talking about the artists and their techniques. Today it’s back to work after a 3 day Rock Art weekend.

25 years since the greatest music festivals of the 80s!

I was a sophmore in high school and my brother took me to my very first concert. The 1982 US Festival was put on by Steve Wozniak of Apple Computers. I attended on Saturday and was fortunate to see Dave Edmunds, Eddie Money, Santana, The Cars, The Kinks, Pat Benatar, & Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers. It was really hot out, but I got to see some really classic rock. The next year we attended again and were there for the now famous “Heavy Metal Day” and saw a great line-up of metal bands : Quiet Riot, Motely Crue, Ozzy Osbourne, Judas Priest, Trimph, Scorpions, and Van Halen. I checked out and headed to the car for Van Halen and listened from there as David Lee Roth was so drunk he forgot the words to songs.

Relive the US Festivals