Rage Against The Waters!

Yesterday we traveled to San Dimas and went to Raging Waters(a la Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure). We enjoyed ourselves and went on a few of the slides, the lazy river and spent the majority of our time in wave pool as it’s Jesse’s favorite. Today, we are all nursing sunburns with Jesse getting the worst of it. Nothing like bringing home souveniers you didn’t pay for.

It was nice to escape the Mojave even for only a day. The water was great and crowds were not too bad compared to Hurricane Harbor at Magic Mountain. Stopped for dinner at Panera on the way home which is also a plus.

It’s Raining Again!

That strange liquid that falls from the sky came down upon us today for the first time in a long while. Last year was the driest year on record so maybe this early rain means we won’t have a repeat. Now all we have to do is watch out for dry strikes, the main cause of desert fires. Our evaporative cooler doesn’t work when the humidity is up, but the cloud cover should keep the temps down a little.

Random thoughts in July!

Not much going on other than the daily grind and heat. Got a watermelon on Tuesday for donating blood and ran into one of my classmates from high school. Her dad was one of my teachers and her parents owned the local music store. It was good to catch up with her and walk down memory lane. Got a funny spam-mail in my work e-mail today. The sender was Jesus and the subject was blank. Needless to say I had a good laugh at the gibberish that followed as it was the typical spam mail utilizing random phrases and words in no coherent order. The Lord knows where I live and can speak directly to my heart wihtout the need of e-mail. Made me laugh anyway. If you have a broadband connection and want to waste a few minutes got to GuitarShredShow.com and get to know Mr. Fastfinger. Take the Mountian of the Tapping Dwarves section. Have fun and a laugh while ripping some major riffs on your keyboard. Well, that’s all for now. Riggety, Riggety, Roll or Rock, Rock On whichever floats your boat.

Back from San Diego!

We spent the last week in San Diego while I attended a conference for work. It was very pleasant and we enjoyed getting together with my best friend Jim a couple of nights. Jesse enjoyed the pool and attended a special session of the conference for high school students. It was pretty funny to see the people’s eyes open wide as a 6 foot kid with a blue mohawk strolled through thier door. He enjoyed the session and by the time I arrived to get him, the wide-eyed instructors were telling me what a smart young man he was. We visited the San Diego Wild Animal Park while there too. It was my first visit in over 20 years and I was a little dispappointed. The monorail around the park had been discontinued two months prior and you now have to pay for all the little tours they have on top of the cost of entry. We returned home to our lonely cat that proceeeded to scold us for the next few days about leaving her alone all week. It was a nice break from the norm and now its back to to work and the heat of the Mojave.

Monday, Monday

Whew! Last week was a bit of blur as Renee’s brother and dad were in town. They came in Saturday and Sunday we were off to Disneyland. Scott had a great time and got to ride all the rides he wanted too despite being pretty sick. Monday, Jesse and I took dad to Calico Ghost Town which he enjoyed. Tuesday night we headed to Hollywood and I dropped everyone off at CBS to wait in line for Price Is Right at 2 am. Jesse and I slept at the hotel while they stood in line until 6 am waiting for the gates to open. Dad had a great time, but we were all pretty exhausted after that. They flew back to Texas early Friday morning and we spent the weekend relaxing and recovering. (I did a wedding on Saturday, but it was a short ceremony.) It is nice to be back on a regular schedule.

Who kicked my bed?

I am dozing off to sleep and suddenly the bed shakes and I pop up alert. An earthquake shook me awake. I got up to check on my son and he asks, “what was that?” I fire up the computer to check the USGS site and here comes another. Two 3.9 quakes only 5 minutes apart. It has been a couple of years since we have had any that strong here.

USGS California Recent Earthquakes (Devore)

You want a what…ok, let me get the clippers

When your son tells you he wants a mohawk, what do you do? In our case, I got the clippers and gave hime one. My father always told me how to wear my hair so when Jesse wanted his long I said ok. Cueball, if that’s what you want. Well, now its a mohawk, let me get my clippers. Does that mean he is an all out punk rocker, nope. He just wanted to try it out. No harm there because unlike my hair, his will grow out. Does it matter to us, not really. It’s what’s on the inside that counts, not the outside. I would much rather have him be himself than feel pressured to be like everyone else. Mohawk or not, we love him and are more interested in the man he will be than the haircut he has.

Back in the Saddle again…

I was asked to speak at Career Day today for Silver Valley High School in Yermo. It was great to be back up in front of students talking about the internet and being a webmaster. It’s been almost a year since I left teaching and I forgot how much I enjoyed it. Too bad it doesn’t pay more and schools aren’t interested in Computer teachers. NCLB has forced schools to focus on getting test scores up and teaching core subjects math, science, english and history over vocational subjects. It was great to be talking to students again if only for a day.

Huff and puff and blow your house…

It’s been a very blustery couple of days here in the High Desert. Winds have knocked out power and caused near white-out conditions due to sand on some roads. I saw someone’s bedliner on the side of the road this morning coming to work. I drive with my tailgate down when it’s this windy to prevent mine from getting sucked right out of the back of my truck. Then again, I could put something in their to weight it down if only I would do it instead of just talking about it. Today is what my dad would call a 5 inch wind (the size of rocks it blows).

Back from the rock quarry…

Spent the weekend raking gravel in the front yard/drive and am feeling my age. Jesse and Renee lent a hand and the yard is looking better. Still has some work to do, but it looks better than it did. Not as many weeds as the previous years since it has been so dry here (it is a desert). Had a huge Easter meal at one of the local restaurants(Mollie’s…salad, soup, cornbread, ham, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole and a piece of cake for $10 each). We ended up bringing a lot home. Not much else going on.