Been slacking of on the blog…

Has it really been two weeks since my last post. What a slacker! Let’s see I went to Palm Springs for the ESRI Developer Summit and sat in sessions with a bunch of GIS programers. What fun that was!It was nice to get out of the cubicle for a few days, but I really missed coming home at night to my family instead of a hotel room. This past weekend I worked on my “to do” list around the house. I got the swamp cooler all ready for summer and as you can expect we had the weather turn colder.I also put together a screen for a window that never had one. Boy is that a frustrating do-it-yourself job! I think I will pay someone to do that before I try it again.

Look before you crest…

After discovering a bolt in my tire last week, I decided to replace all four tires on my truck rather than just one. I decided with Renee to get All-Terrain tires since the sidewalls on my tires were getting so beat up on our dirt road. To try the new tires out, we went driving in Juniper Flats, an area in the mountains by our house. While following the trail, we came to a point where the trail appeared to crest the top of a very high hill next to a powerline. I decided to slow down and stop before proceeding as I could not see past the hood to the downside. Good thing I did as the trail ended and there was a pretty steep drop on the other side (shown from the opposite direction above). We ended up spending the next 30 minutes crawling down a trail on the side of a mountain before reaching level ground. No guardrail and no way to turn around. Turned Renee’s knuckles very white. Fun for the whole family.

Dental work is no fun!

Okay, last Wednesday night I am sitting on the couch with Renee and I bite into something. I then turn to Renee and tell her my tooth just broke. I show it too her and one of my molars has a piece that wiggles when I touch it with my tongue. The next morning I am off to the dentist and guess what I get to have done. I get a crown. Turns out that one of the fillings I had put in when I was but a child has now split the tooth. Fun for me. The novacaine works great and I don’t feel a thing until later when it wears off. My head was pounding. Glad I took the rest of the day off. So I now have a temporary crown awaiting a permanent one that is being made. The dentist was nice and the he did good work, but the pain in my jaw and head afterwards was something new to me. Isn’t it great getting older and experiencing new things. Not!!!

Supercross, Zoo, Laser Tag & Star Wars

Well, we have been married for 17 years as of the 17th. We took a trip to San Diego and spent some time with Jim.

We went to Supercross at Qualcomm Saturday night. Boy has Supercross changed since the days of old. It’s like a rock concert with pyro and laser lights now. The night started with rider intros and James “Bubba” Stewart did a face plant while doing a nose wheelie during his intro. Later in the main event, he took the lead, but on the 8th lap came up short over the finish line jump (View 4 images¬†leading up to crash)¬†and crashed hard, bending his handle bars. He managed to finish in 5th even after crashing and being passed by several racers. Fun night overall.

The next day we went to the San Diego Zoo and took the guided tour as that place is way to huge to walk in a day. That night, we went to Ultrazone for some Laser Tag. The first game, Renee and I joined Jesse for the fun. With 33 people running around it was quite a bit to keep track of. Jesse went again after that with only 17 people and had a much better time.

Sunday we left San Diego and headed to the California Science Center in Los Angeles to see the Star Wars Science Exhibit. It was pretty neat to see the minatures from the movies along with costumes from the characters.

All in all, it was a pretty busy weekend. Its always nice to return home to sleep in our own beds.

My Cubicle

First week of the year is over. Here is a pic of my cubicle at the new work location. Enjoyed watching the playoffs this weekend on TV and playing the new Zelda game on Gamecube. Next weekend the Chargers start their playoff run. Go Chargers!!!

Back to work

Today was a pretty quiet day at work as the federal employees were all off for the national day of mourning. Hard to believe that it’s 2007 already, but as we get older the years seem to go by faster. Hope everyone had a great holiday.